Incident – Artegon Marketplace (Orlando, FL)

MallI hate this!

Woke up this Christmas morning to the news that a man fell to his death on a ropes course located inside a mall in Florida. Seeing as how some form of legal action is inevitable, not to mention the investigation to determine cause is ongoing, my opinions stay in my head for now… along with all the swirling thoughts, emotions, expletives, etc.

All I will say…

(1) There are a TON of courses located across the country that people AREN’T falling off of. Courses like this particular one have been in operation for years, with throughput on some nearing 1000 participants daily! This was an exceedingly rare and unfortunate incident. Investigations will be conducted, determinations made, and hopefully will never be repeated.

(2) The impact is wide. As a ropes course professional, I can visualize the incident in much more detail than the “mom’s basement” commenters that are already spouting off their uninformed opinions on the various news sites. I feel deeply, not only for the family and friends of the victim, but also for the instructors running the course at the time, those responsible for the general operation of the course, the crew that designed & built the course, etc.

Prayers for the family of Robert Belvoir, the staff at Artegon Sky Trail, and all others changed by this tragedy.

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