A quick fix…

I had a “problem” in need of a solution. On our Zipline, sometimes if participants leaned back, their trolley would hop over the serving sleeve and get stuck. No biggie, but it was unnerving to some… ready, set, g… oh wait, now try it. 🙂

After chewing on a few ideas, it hit me – hockey pucks. High density rubber, made to take a beating, impervious to the elements, and cheap. I'll share it with you:

  1. Buy hockey pucks (lame humor, coffee hasn't kicked in yet.)
  2. Drill a hole in the center of the puck, 1/8″ smaller than the cable diameter (I have 1/2″ cable, so I used a 3/8″ drill bit.)
  3. Using a band saw, cut a notch in the puck approximately the same size as the center hole.
  4. Install on the cable. Use a hammer or mallet to tap it on if your cut is a little too snug.
  5. Secure with a #40 stainless steel clamp (2 1/16″-3″ size.)
  6. Enjoy your success (taking another sip of my macchiato.)


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