Utah Zip Tour Fatality – Some Thoughts

I’ve not commented on incidents that have occurred over the past several months for the sole purpose of not having my blog seem focused on such negative aspects of our industry. I’ve been following developments concerning a fatality on May 20th on a zip tour at a resort in Utah.

As an ropes challenge course director, my brain immediately starts picking apart incidents like this – what happend, what got missed, what failed, who screwed up, etc.
In this particular case, a woman suffered severe injuries while riding the zip line, ultimately dying of those injuries. Subsequent reports indicate she apparently struck a tree top that had broken off and was laying on the line she was riding. A High Wind Warning had been issued that day for the area, with 30-40mph sustained winds & gusts to 60mph.

With a lawsuit almost certain in this case, I have to keep my incident analysis to myself, but my list of “whys”is pretty long.

Please folks, be safe!

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